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Root with Moto-Chopper Root exploit for almost all Android devices

This exploit is mainly aimed for all devices and should work on all latest smartphones/tabs

Extend your Droids battery with Greenify Application

Greenify *Root* - Android application review
Reviewed by : Navneet Suresh on 30 July 2013
Rating: 5.0

Want to save battery then look no where else Greenify is one of the best app for your Smartphone to increase its performance and Juice too...
Let us see full review on the app.

Top Post this weekend : Panasonic P11, Easy Rooting Kit For Xperia Smartphones, Samsung Galaxy Tab III, Best Root Android Applications

These are this weeks top posts :Index :

Best Root AppsGalaxy Tab 3Panasonic P11Rooting Kit by Doomlord for Sony Xperia Devices.

Best Root Android applications that an Android freak must try !!

Rooting your android phone/tab offer a ton of features that aren't available on stock android for example uninstall/Install apps on system partition, Install Ad blockers, Control CPU/GPU and more...
Caution u have lost your Warranty by rooting and we are not responsible for damage caused by use/misuse of applications listed below
Lets see some of the best apps bellow.....

Update : Samsung Galaxy Tab III 8 Inch released for Rs 25725 / -

Galaxy Tab III is gonna release today and the specifications are very attractive on paper we will see an in depth reviews after its release in India.

Easy Rooting Toolkit by DooMLord v17 for Xperia L, Xperia Z and other Sony listed devices.

Now we have an easy convenient way to root with having a locked/unlocked bootloader. This root kit allows you to keep your bootloader locked while giving you full root access, thus is superb for those who don't want  to unlock their bootloaders.

Panasonic P11 available for pre order for 16,690 !!

• This new flagship along with upcoming Panasonic T11 are available on both featuring Dual sim, A gigabyte of Ram, 1.2 GHz Quad Core Processor & Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Top Posts this week : Best launchers for Android, Utter!! Voice Controlled Assistant, Xolo Play T1000, MMX Canvas 4, Tapp Down, Sony Xperia L -Hands-on Review

Having busy week this weekend we have a great bunch of articles ranging from App review, Mobile Reviews, And Customization of android interfaces.

Best Android Launchers 2013 -Top 4 Launchers

utter! OFFLINE voice controlled personal assistant - Android application review

utter! OFFLINE voice controlled personal assistant - Android application review
Reviewed by : Navneet Suresh on 10 July 2013
Rating: 5.0

There are tons and tons of voice assistants out there on Google Play, So here's one which i thick could be one of the best, Utter! Its voice controlled assistant but its still in Beta stage so lets discuss it in detail further in the post.

XOLO Play T1000 Are You Game ? Powered by Tegra 3 [Update Video review added]

XOLO's Official website and have confirmed the XOLO Play T1000,
the handset is going to set fire in the existing dominated market by Micromax, The Handsets powered by 1.5 GHz Tegra III Quadcore Processor with an aditional battery saving core 4+1 & 12 core ULP GeForce GPU clocked at 416 MHz

Micromax Canvas 4 A210 Released : Can life be endless ?? (Update Review Video Added)

There was a great hype on this Flagship Phone Canvas 4 A210???
So there  we go finally this Flagship smartphone of Micromax has released
Here's the specification that the tagline suggested before released : Can life be endless ?

CWM Recovery for HCL Me U1 tablet

As we all know whats the use of CWM Recovery the name only suggests it is very useful for making backups and as well as flashing roms. 

Tapp Down - Android Application Review

Tapp Down - Android Application Review
Reviewed by : Navneet Suresh on 8 Jul 2013
Rating: 4.0

Most of us know the Play store has millions of games to play across from free to paid, But many games are not so interesting, and some are humongous for example NFS MW, Nova 3 etc have high graphic and are super time / Battery killer, so here we go This App Tapp Down created by an XDA Member : jathusanT

Sony Xperia L C2104/5 Hands on Review - Xperia Lite Smartphone [Update Gaming Review Added]

Sony Xperia L Hands on Review - Xperia Lite Smartphone 
Reviewed by : Navneet Suresh on 6 Jul 2013
Rating: 4.5
Many new smartphones have emerged in the price bracket of 10-20k and one of them is Sony Xperia L

TechNOHOL - Application For Android

Hey Guys I am here again, This time particularly to present our blogs android application. 

HCL Me U1 Stock ROM With Google Play for Both 1 GB ram and 512 MB ram

>> Hey guys, I am here to share you HCL Me U1 Stock Rom [Google Play Inbuilt] Video tut coming soon...