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Long time no see.. // Blog Update

Hey guys!
I am posting on this blog after a very long time. I have stopped publishing new articles on this blog as you must have already noticed. I have moved on to start another venture. Hope to see you guys on the other side.
Thank you,
You can find me on YouTube.
Twitter : Navneetsuresh
Instagram : technavneet
Recent posts

Missing Link for Android - Application Review

Ever wondered that you can control/transfer your files onto your PC/laptop ? If you didn't you are in right place.Missing link is a mufti platform app (For the moment its available only on Android and Windows. Linux. Mac OS and iOS support coming soon) for controlling/transferring files remotely over a WiFi/LAN.

Phoenix : A Kernel for Xperia L

The Developer "Navneet Suresh" has made one of the best kernels for Sony Xperia L users !

How to root Sony Xperia M - Rooting Guide

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Full coverage (Update Hands on Video Added)

Here we have the latest note three introduction video by Samsung. The long awaited Note 3 is some thing to keep interest on it has 3 GB of ram Snapdragon 800 SOC see more on it now....

USB OTG Support for XL

USB OTG Support for XL

I was successfully able to test USB On the Go support for Xperia L.

=> Actually Xperia L has inbuilt support for USB OTG but doesn't provide enough power to run it so here's the Guide