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USB OTG Support for XL

USB OTG Support for XL

I was successfully able to test USB On the Go support for Xperia L.

=> Actually Xperia L has inbuilt support for USB OTG but doesn't provide enough power to run it so here's the Guide

How to cook a hard to break password - TechNOHOL

"How to make an strong password" this is a major concern of the users who use multiple accounts with weak passwords and want an hint to increase there password strength so today i am going to tell some nifty tips to increase password strength without making it hard to remember.

Battery Doctor for Android - Application Review

Battery draining is one of the main problem for smartphone as the user increase there applications the battery drain becomes Evident. Here we have an app that has an inbuilt task killer, Optimizes the device and also root users can have CPU control.

TechNOHOL Android Application Update !!

We recently launched our Android application and we got an impressive increase in our blog visits via Android app stats attached to this post. And we have updated the app to fix some minor glitches. Lets take a look at the application change log and improvements.

Drippler for Android : Application Review

Drippler for Android is an Unique app that delivers you latest android news from various sources. Lets talk more about it our detailed review below.

Clean Master - Application Review

There are many Task killers Cache cleaners, Batch uninstallers/Backup applications  out there in the market but this application takes these into next level by collaborating many features together in a single app.

Official T24 Mobile Internet settings - Working APN settings

I had recently got T24 Mobile card and i had recharged the mobile for a net package worth 96 and it was 1 GB GPRS Net plan, you can visit T24 Site for offers. But astonishingly the net didn't started ii searched net for the answer but all the APN/Internet settings didn't work at all. So i contacted T24 Service Center. They gave me working APN settings so follow the below instructions and get your T24 GPRS net plan working

Guide to backup your Sony Xperia stock ROM

Why to backup your original firmware customization before flashing custom roms ?
Ans. If you do not want to lose warranty of your phone, first thing you have to do is to backup your original customization so here's the way to backup it ^_^

Update for Sony Xperia L Released - Stock ROM FTF for Flashtool

Sony recently pushed an update for XL to version 15.0.A.2.27

Sony Xperia L - Gaming Review by TechNOHOL

We previously reviewed Sony Xperia L and here we are with Gaming review of the smartphone

CyanogenMod 10.1 | PRE-ALPHA | for Xperia L C2104/5

Whats is CyanogenMod ?
Its an aftermarket rom/FW made by the android community. It is designed for better performance & reliabilty over stock FW's .

ThunderZap 2.0 Kernel For XL Xperia L

This kernel is developed by Varun.Chitre. He has added tons of features to it, including OC & UV capabilities