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USB OTG Support for XL

USB OTG Support for XL

Xperia L

I was successfully able to test USB On the Go support for Xperia L.

=> Actually Xperia L has inbuilt support for USB OTG but doesn't provide enough power to run it so here's the Guide

=> Disclaimer : I am not responsible to the damage you may do to your device. Its your device your responsibility :P

• Compatible accessories :

• Thumb Drives

• USB Keyboards

• USB Mouse

• Incompatible :

• HDD's

• Materials/Accessories Needed :

• USB OTG Cable.

• Xperia L off course


• Power Source in this case HCL ME U1 Charger.

• Full Root for running root application : USB OTG Helper

=> Lets Get Started :

• Root your Xperia L (Full Root)

• Download the application stated above.

• Connect your USB hub to power source like the image shown below.

• Connect it to USB OTG cable to your Phone

• Plug in USB Thumb drive

• Now Run USB OTG Helper App then press mount.

=> Whoooaaa USB OTG is now working.

Also see this post on XDA and also see my latest article on Rooting Sony Xperia M.

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