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Phoenix : A Kernel for Xperia L

The Developer "Navneet Suresh" has made one of the best kernels for Sony Xperia L users !

That kernel makes your phone upgraded in two different ways.. the 1st way is


When this kernel comes to Performance, It really makes the trick !
Your phone will not experience any lag and will never reboot by itself ( Unless if being on a bad ROM)
You can Over clock (OC) your phone's CPU to 1.5 GHz ! Which will give us a score of 15000 in Sony Xperia L .. That's really high !
This kernel has a long list of features, You want to see it ?
Well here it is:-

•>> Based on the .12 FW & Compatible with .14 FW
•>> Stable & CWM enabled
•>> Compiled with Linaro Toolchain : Increase performance
•>> Auto-Hotpluging Enabled : in kernel replacement for MP-Decision thanks to @DooMLoRD and @Varun.chitre15
•>> Neon optimizations
•>> Overclock upto 1.2 Ghz (1188 Mhz)
•>> GPU scaling levels : 192, 320, 400 (Stock ones)
•>> 1026000 by default (Stock frequency by default)
•>> CFQ as default Scheduler (Stock Sched by default)
•>> Enabled ARCH_Power (Arch Power patch causes arch dependent power functions to be used instead of generic high resolution timer ticks and double ticks.)
•>> Enabled Vibrator controller thanks to CyanogenMOD
•>> Lowered LOG_BUFF_SHIFT
•>> Disabled MSM_DCVS (Unused)
•>> Enable new ARM SHA1 and AES routines
•>> Added Dynamic Fsync control @faux123 Asynchronous file sync while screen on.
•>> XZ Compressed Ramdisk (Ramdisk and Recovery) & Whole Ramdisk+Recovery compressed in gz
•>> VM read ahead set to 1024 Should cure music related glitches.
•>> Enabled PS3 Controller driver & Other Modules can be side loaded via Init.d support.
•>> Added CPU Voltage Control @faux123 : Add's UV control.
•>> O3 Optimizated
•>> Dynamic management of dirty page writebacks
•>> Added SIO : Scheduler
•>> Added Deadline : Scheduler
•>> Added Hot Plug Control (via trickster mod) : can edit no of cores to be on while hotpluging.
•>> Init.d support : for running scripts at startup.
•>> Optimized Deep sleep : Increased battery life
•>> ClockworkMod Recovery by @Varun.Chitre15)
•>> New Boot Splash thanks to @skad00sh

Now we came to the 2nd way


You will last for 2 days with your battery using this kernel !..You don't believe me then go try it :)
Somehow this kernel got some tweaks for the battery to make it last a lot !

Overall: This kernel is pretty good and one of the best kernels I have tried and you should try it too if you have an Xperia L !, If someone asked me to rate it I would have said to him : 9/10

Article posted by +Hani Neiroukh

Official Thread : XDA

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