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Missing Link for Android - Application Review

Missing Link :  Wireless Connection/Control app for your Droid .
Ever wondered that you can control/transfer your files onto your PC/laptop ? If you didn't you are in right place.Missing link is a mufti platform app (For the moment its available only on Android and Windows. Linux. Mac OS and iOS support coming soon) for controlling/transferring files remotely over a WiFi/LAN.

Features of the application

  • Remote control your PC from your phones and tablets
  • Share clipboard data between any of your devices
  • Open links on any of your devices
  • Copy files between any devices, as it’s a peer to peer architecture
  • Sync files automatically without you lifting a finger
  • File Transfer
  • Uses P2P(peer to peer) Connection
  • Main advantage is its written in C from root to up.
  • Has a very good developer support, If you have any issue just contact dev he will assist you further.
Main UI of the application
  • The UI of the app is simple and direct.
  • You will have connection option which allows you to choose from devices to connect remotely, Options for device as well, Browse,Shares and sync.

Functions offered by the application
  • As the name of the application suggests it offers a variety of functions. Just select the PC to connect/control and boom you will be presented with all the controls from volume to remote file transfer. Use your droid as mouse and remotely shutdown PC or reboot(pro feature).
  • Share folders of your device to the remote pc or do the opposite it is easy as eating a pancake. 
  • On the other side the PC client has a tab for recent transfers which shows you the list of transfers made recently quite handy-dandy while transferring a long list of files.
  • Automatic Sync Options to sync folder/files Its a pro features.
  • Devices shows devices that can be connected.
  • The latest update adds firefox plugin which adds context menus which lets send objects directly from browser to the connected device.
Final Verdict

The app does its job perfectly. It is easy and also useful. If you are looking for an app for controlling/remote transferring files look no further this app is a perfect fit for your needs..

TechNOHOL Recommended application
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Screen shots of the application and the windows client.

Android Client :

Windows Client :

Get more information by visiting official site :

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